Quantum Growth® Increases Coffee Plant Height By Over 50% While Using Less Fertilizer

Location: Fraijanes, Guatemala
Objective: Demonstrate the beneficial effects of Quantum-Light on small coffee plants over a 10 month trial.
Results Achieved: Use of Quantum-Light® had a significant impact on the coffee plants. The plants showed an increase of 54% in plant height, 39% in stem diameter, 200% in the amount of crosses, and 57% in leaf amount.

The Experiment

The trial had 3 different groups of plants, with 400 plants per group. Groups 1 and 2 were given different amounts of Quantum-Light and fertilizer. Group 3 was given only fertilizer. The Quantum-Light was applied using a backpack sprayer. At the end of the trial, measurements were taken to determine growth of each treatment.


The Data

Table of Data
Table of Data

Plant Growth Comparison

Below, in the plant growth comparison, increased amounts of Quantum-Light and decreased amounts of traditional fertilizer yielded noticeably larger plants.

Coffee Trees

Root Growth Comparison

In the root growth comparison notice the increased root density with the introduction of Quantum-Light.

Coffee Tree Roots