Quantum Growth® Increases Grain Yield by 28%

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Location: Borderbelt Research Farm near Whiteville, NC
Date: March 2011
Objective: Conduct a trial to determine the benefit of incorporating Quantum Growth into their corn protocol (1 gal at planting; 64 oz at V7, V10 and V12).
Results Achieved: Early growing conditions at the site were ideal with adequate rainfall and moderate temperatures. However, dry weather from May 20 to the end of the season resulted in stress throughout the period from V10 to maturity. Analysis of the data found that the Quantum Growth treatment significantly increased yield when compared to the check treatment.

The Experiment

Experimental design consisted of a randomized complete block arrangement with four replications. Plots were four rows wide and 40 ft long.

Control Protocol:

  • 0-0-46 at 215 lbs. per acre prior to planting
  • 10-27-0 in a band at planting
  • 30-0-0 UAN at 20 gals per acre
Treated Protocol:

  • Control protocol with Quantum Growth; 1 gal at planting; 64 oz at V7 and V10; 32 oz at V12

The Data


Note the size of the treated root mass, stalk girth and plant height. Also, the treated has begun to tassel while the control is still growing.

Quantum Growth Dramatically Increases Size of Corn Plants While Reducing Nutrient Requirements

Location: Elysburg, PA
Background: A 1500 acre Pennsylvania farm manages large swine facilities where they use MICROBE-LIFT/HOG to assist in manure management and provide a high value fertilizer for their fields.
Objective: We conducted a study to determine if the application of Quantum Growth could further enhance corn yields by increasing water retention and nutrient availability, fixing nitrogen, and replenishing soil biology.
Results Achieved: The additional treatment with Quantum-Light® and Quantum-VSC® produced dramatic results. As shown by the picture below, plants grown in section 2 showed a larger root mass within three days and grew to twice the size of control plants within 16 days. Plants in Section 3 showed 10 to 20 times the root mass when compared to the control and produced a 15 to 20 times larger plant.
The Experiment: Three growing sections were established, all with different inputs. All three sections were treated with 5000 gal/acre of treated manure. Section 1 was the control. Sections 2 and 3 added varying amounts of Quantum Growth.
Treatment Data
1) Control – 3 gals of 10-10-10

2) Treated – 2 gals of 10-10-10 and 1 gal of Quantum Growth

3) Treated – 1 gal of 10-10-10 and 2 gals of Quantum Growth

Treated corn germinated in 6 days (3 days ahead of control)