Quantum Growth® Increases Pineapple Crop Profit by 45%

Location: Zanguenga, Chorrera, Panama
Objective: Demonstrate the beneficial effects of Quantum-Light on a pineapple crop
Results Achieved: Use of Quantum-Light® had a significant impact on the pineapple plants. The plants showed a uniformity rate increase of 15%, a reduction of the amount of fertilizer used, and an increase of crop profitability of 45%
The Experiment: One hectare of pineapple plants were treated with Quantum-Light. There were 70,000 plants/Ha. The Quantum- Light was applied at a rate of 1 gal/Ha in 2,500 L of water. The first application was at transplant. The second application was 22 days after transplant. The final application was at flowering.

First Application Sample

Note the increased root size and density of the treated pineapple. 

Pineapple Comparison

Second Application Sample

The treated pineapple continues to have a superior root mass.


Pineapple Flowering Comparison

Below is a comparison of the uniformity of the control and treated pineapple crops at the flowering stage. Note how uniform the pineapples of the treated crop are compared to the control crop. 


Control Pineapple Crop with 85% Uniformity

Treated Pineapple Crop with 95% Uniformity

Pineapple Profit comparison