39% Increase in Tomato Yield with Quantum Growth®

Location: Nolt Farm, Pennsylvania
Background: The Nolt Farm experienced excellent results from the utilization of Quantum-Light® and Quantum-VSC® on a number of crops. They decided to extend the use of Quantum Growth to their tomatoes.
Objective: Using two applications of 32 oz. of Quantum-Light and 32 oz. of Quantum-VSC (at outplanting and first flowering), document appearance and yield differences between treated and control (grower’s best practice).
Results Achieved: Notable difference in stalk girth and root mass between control and treated. 39% increase in yield from treated area.

Figure 1. Control (right) and treated (left) 7 days after outplanting from the greenhouse. Visual difference in root mass and stalk girth. Note how the control root mass still maintains much of the shape of the tray it was outplanted from.

Figure 2. Control (left) and treated (right) at first flowering. Significant differences in the root mass and stalk girth continue to be observed.


Figure 1


Figure 2

Figure 3. Control (left) and treated (right) during fruit set. Along with larger root mass and stalk girth, the treated plants were setting more tomatoes. 

Figure 4. The grower holding a control plant (left, his right hand) and a treated plant (right, his left hand). Note the root mass, amount of tomatoes and the higher degree of tomato uniformity and ripeness.


Figure 3

Man holding tomato plants

Figure 4