7 Ways Growers Can Improve Soil Health

7 Ways Growers Can Improve Soil Health

When it comes to maximizing vegetable crop yield, soil health is an essential part of the equation. Here are seven ways growers can begin positively impacting the quality of their dirt.

1) Introduce beneficial bacteria into the soil using the Quantum Growth Series. This product works to dramatically increase the higher lifeforms in the soil. When these bacteria are present, plants are less susceptible to water stress and develop healthier root systems.

2) Avoid soil fumigants, which kill everything in the soil’s ecosystem, including beneficial bacteria, fungi, and other micro- and macro-organisms that keep the soil fertile.

3) Plant cover crops, which have an abundance of positive impacts that include preventing soil and wind erosion, improving the soil’s physical and biological properties, supplying nutrients, suppressing weeds, enhancing the availability of soil water, and breaking pest cycles.

4) Practice less intrusive tilling practices. Strip-till and no-till improve the organic matter content in the soil, while retaining moisture and nutrients.

5) Rotate your crops. This practice boosts soil health by increasing the available nutrient levels.

6) Test the soil regularly to measure biodiversity. Without knowing what’s in the soil, you won’t know what you need to do to balance the nutrient levels.

7) Improve irrigation efficiency to minimize nutrient leaching.

The Quantum Growth Series of products consist of different combinations of naturally occurring microorganisms that share key traits for plant enhancement. The organisms inhabit the root zone and vascular system of a plant, helping to break down, hold, and transport nutrients and water. Photosynthetic strains in the products are capable of converting radiant energy, including the sun’s, into energy for plant growth. Other organisms have the extraordinary ability to unlock chemical bonds, facilitating nutrient uptake that would not be available to the plant in the organism’s absence.

The Quantum Growth Series replaces the natural soil microorganisms that are depleted through fumigation, tilling, harvesting, and/or overuse of chemical controls. It is the only biological product on the market that is shelf stable, contains photosynthetic and other vegetative cultures, and does not use growth inhibitors. There is no other product available that meets these criteria.

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