2008 Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Trial Finds Yield Increase of 45.5%

Moultrie, GA – October 21, 2008 – Douglas Speed & Associates (DS&A), distributors of the Quantum GrowthTM Series, the revolutionary biological plant growth enhancement product, are pleased to announce the results of the 2008 Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Trial. The trial on peanuts was administered by the Expo agriculture team and over a four-month growing season, presented peanuts grown by growers’ best practices versus growers’ best practices plus Quantum Growth. The trial concluded with the peanuts treated with Quantum Growth showing an increased yield of 45.5%!

Karl Manges of DS&A was the liaison between DS&A and the Sunbelt Agriculture Field Team and carefully monitored the progress of the trial. Manges clarifies, “The Sunbelt team performed the trial completely. We provided the Quantum Growth and application rates, and they did the rest. We knew that we had a good showing, but when the numbers from Waters Lab came in, we were astounded at the success.”

All weighing and analysis of the crop were performed by Waters Agriculture Laboratories, an independent third party. Their findings were that the grower’s best practice peanuts yielded 3,465 lbs per acre and the peanuts treated with Quantum Growth yielded 5,042 lbs per acre, which is a 45.5% increase in yield. The treated peanuts were given 1.75 gallons of Quantum – Light and 1.75 gallons of Quantum – VSC over the 120-day growing season and when the price of the product is accounted for, this increase represents a 39.4% increase in net profit.

“This is a compelling breakthrough in crop yield, but even more important to us is the escalation of net profit for the farmer. We are all in business to make money and to generate 39% more profit from your land is significant, to say the least. This is very good news for farmers everywhere!” exclaims Karl Manges.

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