“I have found that Quantum Growth takes me out of the equation. It does my job for me”

One of our owners met Karl Manges of Douglas Speed & Associates at a trade show and brought back some literature on the Quantum Growth Series of products. I read the information and it not only intrigued me, but made sense. My initial reaction after reading Randall Webb’s testimonial was, “Here is a guy who was using his neighbor’s program for growing peas and yielded over 300lbs per acre when his neighbor yielded only 150lbs. The only difference was that he added the Quantum Growth to his regimen.” If that doesn’t excite you and make you want to try this product, then I don’t know what will! As a commercial grower, we are constantly bombarded by salesmen with the latest “snake oil” that promises miracles, and I have to admit, we try most all of them. Most work sporadically, but overall, show little to no promise.

I have been working with the Quantum Growth products for a full season and the results that I have seen both commercially and at home are simply amazing. I first tried the products in my garden at home and saw immediate results. Three days after the initial application, I noticed not only a change in leaf color, but also an increase in leaf and root production and overall plant health. Wherever I sprayed Quantum, there were obvious visual results…a vigor that was not there previously and an overall “happy plant”. The results continued to get better and better with time, so I started trying to push the plants to see how far I could take them. I found that it is seemingly impossible to burn the plant with too much fertilizer…no matter how much fertilizer I put out, the plants process it. Makes sense…energy in, energy out.

I took the experiments to our commercial blueberry production and the results were equally as impressive. We first applied the Quantum Growth to year old rabbit-eye Austin blueberries and the visual evidence was so dramatic, our office manager who knows nothing about horticulture asked me what I had done to the plants. As I have explained to my boss, when you start with something good, you finish with something excellent. We are seeing across the board improvements in our plants. An overall increase in vitality and plant health and we are saving money by using less fungicides, herbicides, water and fertilizer. As commercial growers, much of the money we spend is reactive spending, applying fungicides and herbicides as needed. With Quantum Growth, we are not waiting for a problem to occur, but instead are being proactive. These products provide the foundational building blocks necessary for plant growth.

We are all trying to push our plants to a higher level of production, at which they are not intended to perform. Without Quantum Growth, you can still push them and over produce, but typically they will die due to the stress. The bacteria in Quantum Growth are essential and successful in bringing the plant structure into balance allowing you to push the plant with it remaining healthy.

As a homeowner, I have found that Quantum Growth takes me out of the equation. It does my job for me: taking care of the root structure, pathogen protection, and processing the nutrients at a higher level; all while using the sun’s energy to provide additional energy for plant growth and fruit and bloom production. I have used this product on grass, shrubs, trees, flowers, and in our garden on more than 30 varieties of vegetables. This year, we rarely had to buy produce as our small home garden produced enough fruits and vegetables for our family and many more. We found ourselves giving away more produce than we would typically grow. I grew the largest quantity and hottest peppers ever! Our orchids’ health is simply amazing. Our lawn has a lush green that it has never had. Our trees are extremely healthy with a very heavy leaf canopy. Whenever we are out in the yard, someone stops and asks me to tell them our secret. I wish that I had a more scientific answer…that I
could sound smarter than I am, but I simply take them into the garage and show them the jug of Quantum Growth. Water, organic fertilizer and Quantum Growth…it is that simple!

The bottom line on Quantum Growth is that it is giving our plants a growth and vigor that eliminates other products. The plants are stress-free and are producing at a higher volume than we ever  imagined. If you can’t tell by now, I am a huge fan of the products and whole-heartedly recommend them to anyone growing anything. From a commercial to homeowner application, these products will make you look like a genius with a mighty green thumb!

Dave Busek
Commercial Grower & Homeowner
Hudson, FL