“I am extremely happy with the results that Quantum Growth has provided”

“Our greens are Flora-Dwarf Bermuda, which is almost non-existent in the industry now because of their fragile nature. They are typically a very shallow rooting grass. When we began using Quantum Growth in 2007, we were at about a 1” root depth and today we have more than doubled our root mass with all greens having at least 2” depth and some more than 3”, which is unheard of!

We didn’t see any overnight success with Quantum Growth, but have seen more of a gradual strengthening of our green complexes. Our greens are healthier today than they have ever been and they are ten years old this year. Currently, we are on no maintenance fungicide program at all. In 2006, we spent $50,000 – $60,000 on fungicides and now we are less than 25% of that figure, which represents a savings of $35,000 – $40,000 per year. In fact, I haven’t sprayed any fungicides at all in the last 60 days and with all the rain and heat that we have had this summer, I would typically
be covered in algae. But, knock on wood, we haven’t seen any algae build-up at all.

This year to date we have aerified and double verticut 4 times and I can promise you that they are healing faster and overall are just healthier than ever before. I am extremely happy with the results that Quantum Growth has provided and wholeheartedly recommend the products to any superintendent.”

Art Hampton, GCS
Director of Golf Maintenance
ChampionsGate Golf Resort
Orlando, FL