“I wanted to let you know that what we found with the cores we pulled was astounding!”

Quantum – VSCTM was specifically designed to hydrolyze black layer, thatch and detritus. The microorganisms aid in decomposing dead organic matter.

The microorganisms in Quantum Growth can affect the growth of turf by fixing nitrogen, aiding in the uptake of nutrients and decomposing dead organic matter. Specifically, the photosynthetic bacteria have a phenomenal ability to unlock chemical bonds to aid in nutrient uptake. Some current growing practices may disrupt the soil ecosystem, decreasing the performance of the microbial activity in the soil.

The pictures below are from a golf course built on an abandoned mine field. This attributed to the formation of black layer, which prevented the GCS from being able to grow roots over 1 1/2” long. The GCS began using Quantum – VSC and after three short weeks made the following comments:

“I wanted to let you know that what we found with the cores we pulled was astounding! As recently as four weeks ago, I had checked root depth and mass on the greens and could not find a healthy white root more than approximately 1″. Yesterday, virtually all of the cores exhibited phenomenal root mass with healthy roots exceeding 4″! Against your advice, I have canceled the Curfew application on our greens…”