“Increased yield of 45.5%”

Control on left, Quantum Growth on right

Control on left, Quantum Growth on right


Control on left, Quantum on right 16 days after planting


Growers Best Practice          Growers Best + Quantum Growth

H&R Farms in Glennville, GA ran a trial with the Quantum Growth Series on squash. The trial ended with the treated crops showing a 30% increase in yield versus control from 8,800 to 11,424 average pounds per acre.

A trial on peanuts was run by the Sunbelt Agriculture Expo field team and presented peanuts grown by growers’ best practices versus growers’ best practices plus a blend of Quantum-Light and Quantum-VSC. The trial concluded with the Quantum Growth peanuts showing an increased yield of 45.5%! After the cost of the product is factored in, this represents an increase in net profit of 39% per acre!

The microorganisms in Quantum Growth work naturally to provide food and energy for plants allowing them to focus on root growth and fruit growth. This produces a healthier, heartier plant with increased yields and a decreased dependency on supplemental irrigation, fertilizer, and fungicides.