“Quantum Growth is a Product That I Ignored for 5 Years”

“Quantum Growth is a product that I ignored for 5 years. I walked past DS&A’s booth at the Expo for years thinking that it was just another snake oil that comes and goes. Another grower used the products and highly recommended them to me, so I tried them. That was 3 years ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results that we have seen on our blueberries, strawberries and vegetables.

We have 18 year old blueberry plants that were on the decline prior to using Quantum Growth. They still produced, but were not as hearty as in previous years. After adding the Quantum to my program, I immediately noticed the blueberries beginning to bounce back, looking and producing more like they had when they were younger. Another added benefit is that we have reduced our fertilizer on the blueberry crop by 20%. We have seen similar results on our strawberry plants which are also producing larger berries!

We are seeing fruits and vegetables that are healthier with less disease, more vigor and high Brix levels. We could use other products to try to achieve similar results, but the Quantum Growth works well and is an all-natural product which is an added benefit to our customers. We have added Quantum Growth to our program and will continue to use it because Quantum Growth helps me to grow healthier, heartier plants that yield more fruit.”