“The Quantum Growth plug has a larger mass and root hairs”

The microorganisms in Quantum Growth products process radiant energy, carbon from the air and nutrients in fertilizer to make sugar. Plants then consume this sugar and use it to grow and stay healthy. Plants also make their own energy and sugar to grow, but the microorganisms in Quantum Growth make sugar more than 10 times faster than the plants. With a readily-available food source at their root system, the plants don’t have to work as hard to feed themselves and the other organisms that they host and can concentrate on root
growth and development and fruit growth.

The turf sample on the left has been treated with the Quantum Growth Series for three months. The visual evidence would indicate an increase in root mass of greater than 25%. Note the increase of moisture retention of the treated sample. The microorganisms in Quantum Growth possess and amazing ability to manage.

Root Growth
Root Growth

“The Quantum Growth plug has a larger mass and root hairs where as the control sample does not. Both plugs were taken out of healthy turf in the same fairway, except one end has been treated with Quantum Growth.”

Assistant GCS
Southwest FL