Magna-Bon Corporation is Proud to Present Magna-Bon Eradicator

Magna-Bon has been serving the needs of the Florida citrus community formany years in the area of algae and bacteria control. As the needs of the citrus community grow and change, we too have grown and have diversified ourselves to better serve you. The rapid spread of Citrus Canker throughout South Florida has everyone concerned. As of yet there is no known cure.

Magna-Bon Eradicator is made from two main ingredients, a copper sulfate base and a specially formulated, in-house produced acid, which when mixed together causes an synergistic relationship and catalytic effect, creating Magna-Bon Eradicator, a powerful treatment for the control of Citrus Canker and has approval by the USEPA for this purpose. It will be available in 1, 5, 30, 55 and 275 gallon containers.

MAGNA-BON ERADICATOR contains No Ammonia Peracetic Acid or Peroxide

Magna-Bon Eradicator has been tested by Bio-Science Laboratories, Inc. in Bozeman, Montana against Xanthomonas axonopodis (Citrus Canker) with the following results. BioScience Labs found that when diluted at a solution of 0.001%, Magna-Bon Eradicator reduced the Citrus Canker present in samples by 99.9999% in just 30 seconds.


Before adding Magna-Bon Eradicator to the tank, adjust the pH of the carrier water to 7 or below. Dilute Magna-Bon Eradicator to a solution of 0.001% using the following formulation.


A x B = C
C x 0.001 = D

A.) Gallons of tank water
B.) 128 ounces in a gallon
C.) Total Ounces
D.) Amount of Magna-Bon Eradicator needed in ounces

To convert ounces back to gallons divide by 128
  • For the prevention of the spread of Citrus Canker Disease between hard, impermeable surfaces and from these surfaces to citrus plants(not for treatment of infected citrus plants).
  • Treat all vehicles and equipment throughly at the dilution rate of 0.001%.
  • Treatment can be applied to articles, including but not limited to ALL hard, non-porous clothing.
  • Treatments are made by trigger spraying (using coarse spray), dipping or brushing.
  • Wetted objects must stay wet for a minimum of sixty (60) seconds.


5 Good Reasons To Use Magna-Bon Eradictor

  1. Magna-Bon Eradicator is USEPA approved for both equipment and clothing
  2. Magna-Bon Eradicator is simple to calculate
  3. Magna-Bon Eradicator is affordable, it is not only price competitive it is much less bulky than treatments being used today making it more cost effective in shipping.
  4. Magna-Bon Eradicator is absolutely non-corrosive at end use dilution.
  5. Magna-Bon Eradicator may be tank mixed or injected.



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