A New Tool for Increased Blueberry Control!

For over a decade, the mention of Magna-Bon CS 2005 has been synonymous in citrus fighting canker. Copper has been a long-time tool for growers combating disease in the citrus industry. However, CS 2005 is branching out as the word has spread on how dynamic this systemic copper sulfate pentahydrate truly is. Updated trials by university researchers has confirmation CS 2005 combating disease in copper resistant strains providing almond, walnut, apple and cherry growers much needed help in fighting disease.

Blueberry growers across the southeast have been reaching out as they need a new tool to fight bacterial disease, especially when algae stem blight comes into conversation. Research by Renee Allen, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension agent has stated her recommendations is the only way to combat this disease is with a systemic fungicide. After her session at The North Carolina Blueberry Council Tradeshow, our booth traffic sky rocketed with growers collecting product materials on CS 2005! Coming from a die-hard Gator fan, thanks Renee – Go Dawgs!

We’ve been visiting blueberry growers in the Southeast for the past several months. Several things have stood out… anthracnose has been a major problem! With Spring in full swing right now, recommendations of combating anthracnose are using CS 2005 in a tank mix at 125 PPM (parts per million) with your choice of nutritionals but we have heard from many growers KeyPlex 350 OR (especially if you are an organic grower) is the grower’s choice along with an insecticide to help with the dreaded Spotted Wing Drosophila. Just make sure to spray every 10 – 14 days! Also, CS 2005 does not leave a residue on the fruit much like conventional coppers.

However, one of the most impressive features for CS 2005 in blueberries is the ability to extend cold storage shelf life. With a rate of 50 PPM, you can see the blueberries sprayed with CS 2005 Pre-Harvest spray vs. Control shows a drastic difference in fighting off coliform bacteria.

If you’re looking for a new tool to combat blueberry disease such as anthracnose, bacterial canker, fruit rot or twig blight; make sure to add Magna-Bon CS 2005 into your arsenal.

For detailed instructions on application rates, please visit the Blueberry Crop Page.