Control Program for Citrus Canker

The Magna-Bon Program is used to control Citrus Canker in your Grove; not only in the infested areas, but the surrounding areas also, the program needs to commence ASAP as follows:

This program is for blocks with Canker infestations otherwise known as, “Hot Spots”. The remaining grove should be sprayed every 21 days with 100 ppm of CS 2005 to prevent the spread of the Canker.

  1. Start with a 250 ppm spray and follow up with 200 ppm in 14 days.
  2. Then a program of 21 day sprays should commence at 100 ppm.
  3. Prior to a third spray, a leaf sample should be sent out to a Lab for leaf analysis at least 4 days prior to the 3rd spray.  The ppm in the leaves will determine the amount of additional ppm to apply.

Keep in mind that our product is labeled as a Systemic Bactericide. This is the reason Magna-Bon is able to reduce Canker in groves.

We are looking to achieve 75-125 ppm in the leaf to fight canker and prevent its spread.
100 ppm of Magna-Bon CS 2005@125 gpa = 1/8th lb. of metallic copper per acre.

Defoliation of individual trees requires the use of CS 2005D at 4 oz per gal, approximately 2.5 gal of mixed product per tree, to be hand sprayed and a follow up when new flush appears with CS 2005 at 100 ppm every 21 days.

The chart below will assist you in rates based upon gal per acre.

ppm’s of A.I. 30 gal. per Acre 50 gal. per Acre 100 gal. per Acre 125 gal. per Acre 250 gal. per Acre 500 gal. per Acre
75 19.2 oz. 24 oz. 48 oz. 96 oz.
100 25.6 oz. 32 oz. 64 oz. 1 gal.
125 16 oz. 32 oz. 40 oz. 80 oz. 1.25 gal.
150 19.2 oz. 38.4 oz. 48 oz. 96 oz 1.5 gal.
200 16.0 oz. 25.6 oz. 51.2 oz. 64 oz. 1 gal. 2 gal.
250 19.2 oz. 32 oz. 64 oz. 80 oz. 1.25 gal 2.25 gal

* ppm = parts per million of copper

Low Volume Sprayers Must Use A Minimum Of 16 Ounces Per Acre For Proper Coverage.

Here is a great depiction of the Citrus Canker Disease Cycle!