CS 2005 – A copper fungicide that works!

MagnaBon’s CS 2005 offers growers a unique and effective OMRI-listed, copper sulphate pentahydrate that is an environmentally friendly bactericide fungicide that offers proven results through multiple levels of control on a range of specialty fruits, vegetables, citrus and tree nuts. Research proves lower copper rates increase yields for growers. 

Additionally, CS 2005 uses less copper to produce this control, in return safer for the environment. CS 2005 has been used by citrus growers battling disease for more than 15 years, but now the product is registered in over 30 states and controls a variety of diseases including bacterial blast, fire blight, bacterial spot, fruit rot, and downy mildew.

Let’s take a look at how CS 2005 delivers systemic control:

All plants feature stomata, which are tiny openings in leaves that plants use for gas exchange. Because CS 2005 carries a patented formula, it tricks the stomata into opening and allowing the product inside.

This is a key feature of CS 2005 – it systemically penetrates the leaf, which means CS 2005 fights the bacteria inside the plant before an outbreak occurs.

But CS 2005 also forms a protective barrier of copper on the plant leaf to provide even more control against bacteria ever getting into the leaves, and this second type of control truly differentiates CS 2005 from other copper products on the market.

CS 2005 features much smaller particles of copper, and those particles will come in contact with each other and bind to each other, which creates a protective copper shield across the plant’s surface.

This enhanced method of control has been proven to provide control with as little as one-eighth a pound of copper per acre, compared to 1 to 1-and-a-half pounds of copper per acre with conventional products with less environmental impact.

CS 2005 can be used in a wide range of applications from ultra low-volume to high-volume air blasters and is compatible with most tank mixes. CS 2005 is copper in solution, which eliminates nozzle wear and calibration challenges for the applicator.

With CS 2005, Less Copper More Power!