In the War against Citrus Canker, Nothing Else Compares!

In the War against Citrus Canker, Nothing Else Compares!

Magna-Bon CS 2005 relies on new chemistry to promote the greatest bacterial activity with a minimum amount of metallic copper.

While currently available copper bactericides, fungicides have up to 22.7 bioactive units of copper per unit volume, Magna-Bon CS 2005 has 50,000 bioactive units of copper per gallon. Magna-Bon CS 2005 is completely water soluble, thereby eliminating nozzle wear and improper calibration. Many copper products are in a powder form, bulky, dusty and must be under constant agitation. Others are coppers in suspension, also needing constant agitation. Magna-Bon CS 2005 is copper in solution. No agitation needed.

Magna-Bon CS 2005 is a copper sulfate pentahydrate, acidic, liquid pesticide and is an USEPA registered bactericide fungicide for use on citrus fruits and vegetables.

When sprayed either on trees or growing plants, because its acidic and systemic properties, a small amount will be absorbed through the leaves giving you protection from within. More importantly, Magna-Bon CS 2005, due to its synergistic effectiveness will adhere to the foliage or canopy, eliminating algae, bacteria and fungi and providing a residual layer of protection on the outside from future infestation.

Magna-Bon CS 2005 is applicable for both dilute and concentrate spraying. Complete spray coverage is essential to assure optimum performance of the product and protection of the trees or plants. Magna-Bon CS 2005 can be mixed with other nutrients and pesticides, adding the Magna-Bon CS 2005 last. It is advisable to do a jar test to check for compatibility.

While volume is important for obtaining full spray coverage, remember factors such as foliage density, environmental conditions and the sprayer’s calibrations have an important impact. Always be sure that the sprayers are calibrated to the equipments manufacturer’s specifications and that environmental conditions are within the recommendations by state and local regulatory authorities.

Magna-Bon CS 2005 is labeled at the rate of ounces per acre per the USEPA (conventional sprayer), however our research was also based on ppm’s (parts per million) of ionic copper. For use in the fight against Citrus Canker we recommend 100 ppm to 250 ppm of copper depending on the infestation.

Where Citrus Canker has been found there may be a lapse time before the infected area is pushed, piled and burned. We recommend spraying even these trees to help stop the spread of Canker. Use the chart to find the proper ppm’s and ounces of product needed for your application, using a low volume sprayer.

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