Magna-Bon Eradicator Change Over

Citrus Canker Wash and Drench Stations with metering devices can easily convert to using Magna-Bon Eradicator without even changing the settings on the meter!

Here’s a practical example of how it can be done:
If your wash station has been using a 50 gallon drum of Quat-based solution, when the drum is empty, use these 3 easy steps, and you’re ready:

  1. Rinse the drum thoroughly
  2. Add 5 Gallons of Magna-Bon Eradicator and 45 gallons of water
  3. Drop the suction line back into the drum

It’s that easy! You don’t even have to change the settings on the metering device!

You now have 50 gallons of premixed Eradicator which will produce 5,000 gallons of wash spray that is highly effective, safer to use, and non-corrosive to your equipment – at a cost savings of up to 78% over other leading competitors.

For more information on changing your existing system over to Magna-Bon Eradicator, please call us: 800/845-1357