Systemic Bactericides to Control Systemic HLB Infection

A trial was initiated in July for evaluation of Magna-Bon (copper sulfate pentahydrate) by trunk injection/infiltration on expression of HLB. The trial is located in Southern Grove in Clewiston, FL in a block of 8 year-old Valencia orange trees. There are 7 treatments with 20 trees per treatment and each treatment has 6 blocks of four trees in a completely randomized block design.


1) Untreated Check;

2) One infiltration @ 500 ppm plus Magna-Bon 47;

3) One injection/year of Magna-Bon @ 1,000 ppm;

4) Two injections/year of Magna-Bon @ 1,000 ppm;

5) One infiltration @ 250 ppm plus Magna-Bon 47;

6) Two infiltrations @ 250 ppm plus Magna-Bon 47;

7) One infiltration Magna-Bon 47.

Measurements are assay of flush leaves by qPCR at the Southern Gardens Diagnostic Lab(SHDL), sampling of flush leaves for Copper. Tree health assessment twice per season (April and October). First treament was made July 2011.