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Crop Disease Rate per Acre
per 100 gal. of water

ppm’s (copper)
per 100 gal.of water




Brussel Sprouts,
Collard Greens,
Mustard Greens,
Turnip Greens

Black Leaf Spot (Alternia) Black Rot (Xanthomonas) Downy Mildew

2.65 lb.2

19.2-25.6 oz.

7 days3

75-100 ppm

0.53 lb.1

Begin application after transplants are set in the field, or shortly after emergency of field seeded crops or when conditions favor disease development. Apply at 7 to 10 day intervals or as needed. Use the higher rates when conditions favor disease. NOTE: Reddening of older leaves may occur on broccoli and a flecking of wrapper leaves may occur on cabbage.

1Maximum per Application Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
2Maximum Annual Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
3Minimun Retreatment Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
*Not Permitted in California
Permitted only in Washington State and Oregon**