Diseases Combated with CS 2005!

When applied to growing fruits and vegetables CS 2005 controls the following diseases:

Alternaria Blight
Alternaria Leaf Spot
Angular Leaf Spot
Apple Scab
Bacterial Blast
Bacterial Blight
Bacterial Canker
Bacterial Leaf Spot
Bacterial Speck
Bacterial Spot
Bacterial Stalk Rot
Bacterial Stem Canker
Ball Moss
Black Leaf Spot
Black Knot
Black Pitting
Black Pod
Black Rot
Blossom Blast
Blossom Brown Rot
Blue Mold
Botryosphaeria Panicle
Botytris Blight
Brown Rot
Brown Spot
Cane Spot
Cherry Leaf Spot
Citrus Canker (suppression)
Cercospora Early Blight
Cercospora Leaf Spot
Coffee Berry Disease
Collar Rot
Common Blight
Coryneum Blight (Shot Hole)
Crown Rot
Downy Mildew
Early Blight
Erwinia herbicola
European Canker
Fire Blight
Fruit Rot
Gray Leaf Mold
Greasy Spot
Gummy Stem Blight
Halo Blight
Helminthosporium Spot Blotch
Iron Spot
Kernel Rot
Late Blight
Leaf Blight
Leaf Rust
Leaf Scorch
Leaf Spot
Leptosphaerulina Leaf Spot
Phoma Leaf Spot
Phomopsis Twig Blight
Phyophthora Blight
Pink Disease
Pink Pitting
Pod Spot
Powdery Mildew
Pseudomonas Blight
Pseudomonas flourescens
Pseudomonas syringae
Purple Blotch
Raceme Blight
Red Algae
Red Leaf Spot
Rhizoctonia Foliage Blight
Rose Bloom
Septoria Leaf Blight
Septoria Leaf Blotch
Septoria Leaf Spot
Septoria Late Blight
Shoot Blast
Shoot Blight
Shuck Rot
Sigatoka (Black and Yellow)
Spanish Moss
Stem Blight
Tip Blight
Walnut Blight
Watermelon Bacterial Fruit Blotch (suppression)
White Rust
Yellow Rust
Zonate Leaf Spot