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Crop Disease Rate per Acre
per 100 gal. of water

ppm’s (copper)
per 100 gal.of water



Fire Blight

18.0 lb.2

19.2 oz.

5 days3

75 ppm

0.5 lb.1

 Apply 5 day intervals or as needed throughout the bloom period. NOTE: Russetting may occur in copper sensitive varieties. Excessive dosages may cause fruit russet on any variety.

Blossom Blast

16.0 lb.2

51.2-76.8 oz.

Fall – 1 time per season3

5 days3

200-300 ppm

0.8 lb.1

0.5 lb.1

 Apply before fall rains and again during dormancy before spring growth starts. Use the higher rates when disease pressure is high or when conditions favor disease development

1Maximum per Application Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
2Maximum Annual Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
3Minimun Retreatment Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
*Not Permitted in California
Permitted only in Washington State and Oregon**