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Crop Disease Rate per Acre
per 100 gal. of water

ppm’s (copper)
per 100 gal.of water



Kernel Rot, Shuck Rot
(Phytophthora Cactorum), Zonate Leaf Spot
(Cristulariella Pyramidalis)

19.2-32 oz.

75-125 ppm

For suppression, apply in sufficient water to ensure complete spray coverage at 2 to 4 week intervals or as needed, starting at kernel growth and continue until shucks open. Use the higher rates and shorter spray intervals if frequent rainfall occurs.

Ball Moss, Spanish Moss

8.4 lb.2

38.4-64 oz.

14 days3

150-250 ppm

2.1 lb.1

Apply in 100 gallons of water in the spring when ball moss is actively growing, using 1 ½ gallons of spray per foot of tree height. Make sure to wet ball moss tufts thoroughly The addition of a non-ionic surfactant will improve control. A second application may be required after 12 months.

1Maximum per Application Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
2Maximum Annual Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
3Minimun Retreatment Rate (lbs Cu2+/A)
*Not Permitted in California
Permitted only in Washington State and Oregon**